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How to Design Your Patio?

A patio is a small space adjoining your house, either at your house’s entrance or side door. This space is an extension and acts as a space to enjoy the outdoors. However, you cannot enjoy the patios in all weather. In rainy seasons, you must be careful about leaving furniture outdoors, and during winters, you definitely cannot go out. The best way to make it more comfortable and enjoy it in all seasons is to screen it with glass panels. Design your screen patio enclosure in Pleasanton, CA and enjoy your family time.

This ensures that the space stays dry during the rains and warm and insulated during the winters. Also, the enclosures make the place safe from dust and insects. This opens up a large number of activities that can happen at the patios. You can get a pretty cozy reading corner, a beautiful outdoor space to have your stay-in dinner date or a place where your dog or child could play during the cold seasons.

Here are some design ideas and essentials to make your patio a beautiful space.

How to Design Your Patio?


A patio is a great place to grow small herbs for your kitchens and warm plants. You can also add a green wall on one end to make the space more naturally integrated. If you are not keen on gardens, a few ornate plants could finish the look for you.


Since it is the porch and the space is limited, it is advisable to use minimal furniture that doesn’t consume much space. You can use bamboo and wicker furniture to add natural elegance to the place or keep it old school with wrought iron chairs. Make them comfortable with cushions, and you are good to go. You can also use makeshift furniture to utilize the space even better.

Pop Of Colours

Some bright colors could brighten up your minimal patio design and décor. The splashes of color make it look even warmer and welcoming. Ensure that the colors complement other. A pro tip- Keep the walls minimal and add colors to the furniture and cushions. It is budget-friendly and the right way to add colors.


Screened Patios are an excellent up-gradation for your homes, as they add beauty, space, and utility to your homes. It helps you spend some quality time with the family in the presence of nature. It gives your kids an opportunity to appreciate nature.

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