What are the best Telugu suspense movies available on aha?

Aha is an excellent Indian regional OTT streaming platform that provides the best suspense action movie content; it was launched in 2020. As a result of the abundance of Telugu content, it can be difficult to locate suitable content to view without wasting time, which includes movies, television shows, and web series. As a result, the audience can watch the entire regional film here.

Enjoy your day with this list of the best Telugu movies on Aha Telugu.

  1. Bhamakalapam – Anupama Mohan, the female protagonist, is a housewife and Youtube star renowned for her cooking ability. When pushed, she employs her skills and abilities for something darker. Incidents of crime continue to occur, and on occasion, what occurs in their vicinity is a laugh riot.
  1. Naanadhi – Surya (Allari Naresh) is a happy middle-class software worker who lives with his family members and fiance. One fine day, he is charged with the murder of a prominent activist and sentenced to five years in prison. Surya’s life is turned upside down when an advocate (Varalakshmi Sarathkumar) enters his life and gets him out of prison. The remainder of the story is about Surya exacting vengeance on the perpetrators by filing the Section 211 case. What exactly is the situation? and how does Surya employ it to apprehend the criminals in the story?

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  1. Cold case – Cold Case is a combination genre film that tells a crime scene investigation plot and a horror story at the same time. Sathyajith, the Assistant Commissioner of Police, and his group are in charge of handling contentious and complex cases. A man is catching fish on a lakeshore one day when he discovers a trash bag stuck inside his net. The plot centers around the ACP’s investigation of the case.
  1. Midnight Murders – Anwar is a professional criminologist who occasionally assists the Kerala Police. When a series of serial murders occur in rapid succession, he must race against the clock to find the perpetrator.
  1. Zombie Reddy – Mario (Teja Sajja), Marripalem Obul Reddy (Kiriti Damaraju), Maggie (Daksha Nagarkar), and Kalyan (Hemant) are pc game developers. The game developed by the Mario team received the most downloads. However, due to Kalyan’s inability to marry, the Mario team is forced to accompany the divisions to Rudravaram village in Kurnool. When Mario arrives in Rudravaram, he learns that the groom and bride plan to murder Kalyan.


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Stream These Underseen Horror Movies on aha

Have a boring weekend up ahead with nothing to do? Then what’s better than streaming your favorite horror movies. This genre has been the real deal in the film industry, with the creativity of the writers. The writers always try to explore different horizons of the same genre by altering the storyline. And this thing has become popular with the audience. Though fewer horror films are coming out in a year, some of them do make an impact on the audience. Considering the insane popularity of horror movies, people demand the extreme from the Indian film industry. Time and again, Indian horror films have bombed at the Box Office or have gone on to be critically appreciated. The South Indian film industry has been experimenting with the horror genre for a long time. They have successfully mixed the comedy and horror genres, but that doesn’t mean their horror movies haven’t been scary. The Telugu thriller-horror movies have been a delight to watch. And one of the most critically acclaimed Psychological horror movies has been Jessie. At the same time, providing comic relief with its horror elements has been the movie Petromax. You can stream both these brilliant horror flicks on Aha. Telugu movies online has become much more comfortable.


The film’s director, Aswani Kumar V., has come up with a unique plot. The story follows a team of ghost hunters who go to an abandoned house to conduct paranormal investigations. They are intrigued by the mystery of two sisters, Jessie and Amy, who have been missing. The brilliant cinematography by Sunil Kumar makes the film even more creepy. The background score and music maintain the suspense, creepiness, and vibe of a horror movie. It was released on 15 March 2019. The cast includes AshimaNarwal, SrithaChandana, Atul Kulkarni, KabirDuhan Singh, and many more young and talented actors from the south industry. The film is shroud with mystery for most of its first half, and the second half brings horror to the forefront. The movie is heavily dependent on the performances by the cast, and they deliver successfully. It’s a gripping tale of horror and suspense which will keep you glued to your screens.


This Tamil Horror-comedy has been directed by RohinVenkateshan. Dani Raymond‘s brilliant cinematography, along with Ghibran‘s mesmerizing music, make this a delightful watch. The film got released on 11 October 2019 with a 128-minute runtime. The film revolves around a haunted house. The owner of the house, Saravanan(Prem), lives in Malaysia and wants to sell the house after the death of his parents. But a rumor that the house is hauntedscares off all prospective buyers. He comes across four people who are in dire need of money. So, he offers them large sums of money to stay in the house for a few days and prove that it is not haunted. The four people: Senthil(Ramdoss), Thangam(KaaliVenkat), Nandha(Sathyam) and King Kaali(TSK) enter the house. The four friendly ghosts who live in the house, including Meera(Tamannaah), try to scare them off. But what ensues is a series of total laughter. Towards the end of the film, we go through an emotional wave after hearing the sad backstory behind the death of Meera.

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The Best Cartoon Movies Ever

Are you interested in watching cartoon movies along with kids? If so, what are your favorite cartoon movies that you have watched so far? Are you enjoying animation movies online? Nowadays, kids are enjoying many animated movies that are telecast on aha. The best movies for kids are screened online for the taste of online customers. The viewers mostly love the best-animated movies, especially mighty Raju and Chhotabheem. These movies are very famous and are very interesting to the audience. The olden day’s audience never misses these films when screened on the TV. The chances of viewing these films are limited those days due to the absence of technology.

The present technology is making the viewers very interesting in watching cartoon movies. The Indian animation industry growth and development are grown multifold, and hence viewers are attracted to it. The story of the cartoon movies, dialogues of the movie, and making are the major highlights of the animation films. These features attract a lot of audiences, especially kids. Nowadays, producers of the Telugu industry are screening Telugu animation movies considering the kids’ interests and expectations. The kids are spending a huge amount of time watching cartoon movies online. Online flexibility features allow kids to enjoy cartoon movies a lot.

In the olden days, the Telugu audience never misses movies that have a strong storyline and action nature. Nowadays, the young generation loves watching comedy and adventure-based stories. So, animation movies that are mostly adventurous are screened on aha platforms for the kid’s group. The kids do not have any restrictions while watching cartoon movies because those films have all kinds of features that help children. The parents need not guide their kids while watching these films. The reason is that these films do not contain any problematic scenes, and instead, it has a nice story and kind words. The moral of the animation movies are very entertaining, and it makes the kid lead a happy life without any hassle.

The yesteryear movies acted by leading stars are telecast online for the viewer’s interest. The super hit movies directed by famous directors and acted by lead actors are given paramount importance while screening online. Mostly, the performance of the actors is enjoyed while watching the film on aha platforms. The online industry is growing like a wildfire in the Telugu industry due to the interest of the audience at various levels. Irrespective of age and genres, the audience is interested in watching these cartoon movies online.

Cartoon films are mainly attracting young children and some adults. So, the ott platform numbers are growing in the country and are screening new films every month. The subscribers for these platforms are increasing tremendously. The overall satisfaction of the audience on watching these cartoon films is very satisfying and cost affordable. The quality is very good and never miss the attention of the audience at any cost. Exclusively, the animation industry will be very strong in the coming days in India due to the kids’ population