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Deleting and trimming of tiktok videos is possibly done:

Generally social media platforms gained an esteemed popularity in today’s online world. You can see face book, what’s app and now tiktok. It includes the posts, videos, audios and what not? Every post is going viral and became trending news today. Consider tiktok social media platform where you simply need to login into the created account and do as many videos as you like. Actually some of the videos are informative, giving up some message and some are fun oriented ones which are carried out fraction of seconds and minutes like that. If you really love any of the videos from tiktok, you can also download it using some downloader apps and install it in your smart device.

Downloading of tiktok videos? All that you need to know

Let’s see some key information on how deleting and trimming of your tiktok videos might take place:

Deletion of your videos is also possible:

Yes of course. Deletion of any video which is created in any social media platform is possible. It is all about you on making your privacy settings. So coming into deletion of your video in tiktok social media platform, like all other social networks, you just follow the basic rules to delete it. It is as simple by clicking the delete option on the selected video. Before that, sign up into your account and select the video. Similarly if you don’t want some videos in your account to be watched out by any one then delete it or hide it. You can edit using the privacy option in terms of visibility and that is to be allocated to some people only like that.

Of course, for a beginner those who create his account in tiktok, he can view all the posts that comes into his account news feed. So, this is by default some people may post it in public mode and knowingly they will do for increasing their followers count. But some may don’t want to keep their profile to unknown’s.

Coming into trimming of your videos:

For example, if you make any video, you can edit lots of options to attract number of users and to go viral. Some may add music tracks; edit it in different modes, effects if needed like that to bring the best outlook of the video finally. This is what we called trimming of the video where you need not worry about editing formalities as tiktok is beneficial in creating stunning videos with its inbuilt  editor option namely trim option in it. So, you can choose the video that you really go through to trim that part. If you want to get the video in your device without any watermark you can use downloader apps available at app stores.


Hence like all other social media platforms, this tiktok videos do also goes viral now a day’s. For every creation of a video, there is equal possibility of deleting it simultaneously. So, if you don’t want to get your video viral, then there is an option of deleting it as well.