Reasons you should get an extremity MRI in Denville, NJ

Reasons you should get an extremity MRI in Denville, NJ

Magnetic resonance imaging, commonly known as MRI, is a scan test to get a more detailed and clear image of the body using radio waves and a magnetic field. There are multiple kinds of MRIs for different body parts, but today we are going to look at the extremity MRI in Denville, NJ.

This type of MRI is done on the extremities of the body, which are the limbs, or the hands and legs. The bones of our hands and legs, albeit strong, are the most common bone to break. Moreover, with age, the joints and bones become weaker. With an extremity MRI in Denville, NJ – you can catch up on the underlying issues regarding your hands and legs.

Some common reasons to get an extremity MRI:

It can help us recognize the problem – most of our body is not visible externally. With the help of an MRI, we can get a detailed image of the internal parts. An extremity MRI will show us the internal problem we may have in our hands or legs. It will then help the experts diagnose us better.

It can help us with nervous problems – An MRI is useful to scan the nerves. And our limbs have many nerves. When a person starts ageing, their nerves also become irritable as they will not be as healthy and well-functioning as before. To understand if there are any issues with our nerves in the hands and legs, we can take the MRI test. It will help us to catch on to any underlying problem sooner before it turns into something incurable.

It can tell us more about bone fractures – Although an x-ray can tell us about the bone fracture, an MRI will be able to give us more details about it. Hence taking an extremity MRI scan is super beneficial. It will even tell us about the fracture from all angles.

These are some common reasons a person should consider getting an extremity scan. It is not a very difficult test and is also very convenient. It only scans a certain part of the body so it is both safe and secure.

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