What are the benefits of a vape pen over a cigarette?

What are the benefits of a vape pen over a cigarette?

Vaping and vape pens have become very popular in recent years. People often choose to vape over smoking. This is confusing to many people as they do not understand the difference between the two. Let us know this topic better.

What is a vape pen?

A vape pen is similar in looks to a cell. It was first created with the name of e-cigarette and marketed as a safer alternative to smoking. These are battery-operated machines that can be used for smoking and getting a dose of nicotine or other substances. These were considered a safer alternative because the nicotine was in oil contained in a cartridge that had to be loaded in pen. As opposed to smoking which caused a person to inhale actual smoke and nicotine, the best vape pens only produced nicotine in the form of aerosol droplets that were a lot gentler on the human body and especially the lungs.

What are some advantages of using vape pens over regular cigarettes?

  • Safer: The most common advantage that almost everyone is aware of is its safety. Smoking a cigarette includes combustion. This produces carbon monoxide and tar, the main culprits in causing long-term and severe lung disorders. Vaping produces aerosols of nicotine. This allows you to get the nicotine in a much safer way.

  • No odor: Smoking is often associated with the smell of burning, which may be irritating for many people. It also makes it extremely easy to identify you as a smoker. On the other hand, the best vape pens do not produce any odor. Some of the flavored ones have a smell, but they are pleasant to the nose.
  • Gives you control: Vape pens let you choose the amount of nicotine you are inhaling with the help of different cartridges. Some are high-nicotine, while others have no nicotine in them at all. This allows a person to monitor precisely how much they need and helps them cut down on their intake.
  • Vaping can be for everyone: Some people want to try vaping without actually enjoying the addiction to nicotine. This is possible as cartridges are flavored and do not contain any nicotine. There are also flavored cartridges that contain nicotine. Hence there is an option for everyone.
  • Budget-friendly: Vapes come in a variety of different price points. They are also a one-time investment and can last you for years if kept properly. The only money you will have to spend is on cartridges which are also quite affordable.

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